1] Online Spanish Lessons: Rules for Rescheduling & Attendance
You may reschedule a lesson up to 12 hours prior to its start time.
A lesson may be rescheduled up to a maximum of 3 times.
We cannot be responsible for any Internet or computer problems that prevent you from joining the class on time.
If you fail to join the class as scheduled then we will count it as a lesson taken as we must pay the teacher for their time. Of course, if we have a technical problem we will reschedule the lesson at your convenience.
Regular learning and practice is very important so we ask that you have at least one online Spanish lesson every 60 days. After a gap of more than 60 days we will presume that you have ended the course and remaining lessons are not refundable.

2] Deposits
We require a small deposit to secure your booking for Spanish language lessons, Homestay, and for any other accommodation that we arrange.
The deposit can be made through PayPal or Credit Card.
We will deduct this deposit from your total bill when you make your payment at the school.
Please note that the deposit is "Non Refundable".

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