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We offer effective and fun ways to learn Spanish in Guatemala and online. Located in Panajachel by beautiful Lake Atitlan, our school is the only Spanish language school in Panajachel, Guatemala, that is Mayan owned. Learn Spanish in one to one classes, or with your friends. We also provide online Spanish lessons. We're sure you will have a great time learning Spanish with us in Guatemala.
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Group Classes available during June, July, January and February.

Weekly Free Online Spanish Conversation with one of our teacher. info@jabeltinamit.com  

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Webmaster's Note: this website has been designed and built by a former student, as a contribution to, and thanks for the great work done by all the staff of Spanish School Jabel Tinamit. For information on student experiences learning Spanish in Guatemala, including my own, please read the the References section.         


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Spanish School Jabel Tinamit is authorised and registered by the Ministry of Education and the Tourist Commission of Guatemala. To book or request more information click on Book Online

Learn Spanish 1-to-1 or learn with friends. http://www.jabeltinamit.com When you come to our Spanish language school in Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala, Central America we can offer 4, 5, or 6 hours per day of Spanish language study. This lets you go at your own pace, and you can have your own teacher. Also you can learn in lessons with a friend, that is one teacher with 2 or 3 students. This is a fun way to study Spanish and share the experience with your friends. We offer flexible Spanish courses so we're sure we can meet your particular needs.

Many students look for a Spanish school in South America, Central America ( Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama ) or Mexico. Of all the Latin America countries, Guatemala in Central America is the most famous for Spanish schools. It has the best infrastructure in all of South and Central America for learning the Spanish language. And there are Spanish schools to suit everyone. This website explains about Guatemala, Central America and what we offer at Jabel Tinamit. We hope you will visit us and enjoy our country.

How do you select from all the Spanish schools in Guatemala? Look at the flexibility of each of the schools; study the environment of the possible schools and check out the each schools recommendations. We have professional teachers with a good knowledge of the English language and different teaching and study methods, depending on the level of the student (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Courses and lessons let you enjoy discussions, conversations and verbal exercises every day to to reinforce the Spanish learned. Your teacher will be with you right through your Spanish Course, helping and guiding with your study.

During their courses, our students make use of the schools comprehensive library to support lessons: over 200 Spanish books including Spanish grammar, Spanish exercise books, reading books, study books etc. These may be used by students at any time. Decide on a Spanish study program with flexible days and hours for studying and leaning that suits you.

Spanish classes are available during weekends and holidays so you can learn Spanish whenever you like. For total immersion you may opt to live with a local Guatemalan family. Relax and enjoy activities outside the class, giving you a chance to practice your Spanish while visiting different sights around Panajachel. Places to visit include Panajachel's market and main shopping street where you can buy unique local Mayan textiles. Swimming in Lake Atitlan is perfect on a hot day; or take a boat trip to one of the smaller lakeside villages such as San Pedro La Laguna, San Lucus Toliman, or Santiago Atitlan.

If you can't make it to Panajachel in Guatemala then why not start a Spanish course online? All you need for Online Lessons is Skype (or MSN / Yahoo! / PC Free Phone, Google hangouts or FaceTime), a webcam and a broadband Internet connection. Using Voip for sound, and the web cam so that you can see your teacher, your Spanish language classes can be as fun and effective as if you were here with us! With Skype or similar systems, distance learning has never been more interactive. Check out the Spanish School Jabel Tinamit blog for accounts of how students have found the experience of studying Spanish on-line.

Panajachel, population just 14000, is on the shore of Lago de Atitlan, central Guatemala. It's one of the world's most spectacular natural environments. From the beach, a few minutes walk from our school, you can see no less than three towering volcanoes: Vulcan San Pedro, Vulcan Toliman and, the highest at 3537m, Vulcan Atitlan.

Within Panajachel you will find Guatemalans of indigenous and Spanish descent. Cakchiquel and Tzutuhil Mayans, from the villages that surround the lake, sell all manner of local handicrafts. Visitors from Guatemala City spend the weekend. And of course, people from all over the world come to study Spanish and enjoy the splendour of the area.

The Spanish schools is accross the Catholic Church, Avenida de Los Arboles and Callejón Las Armonías. You are very welcome to visit us. Organise a Spanish Course today! http://www.jabeltinamit.com
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